Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order Bows?

There are 3 ways to order.

    1.) Customs

      (Every Bow that is not part of the RTS sale is consider a “custom.”)
      Customs are usually held the first 3 Fridays of the month at 9pm EST in our Facebook Group. Occasionally there are changes in what Fridays we will be open! The most up to date schedule is available on our website.

      2.) New Member Thread

      This Thread is only available to new members of LRB who have NEVER ordered (Any RTS, Customs, Surprises, & Pre-Orders Count). Purchases from the Buy, Sell, Trade Page are not included in this. The thread is posted in our Facebook Group.

      3.) Ready To Ship

      Rts or Ready to Ship is a sale we hold every Friday on our website at 9:15pm EST. Occasionally there are changes in the schedule which are always available on our website.

      How Does Customs Work?

      Customs are held in our Facebook Group the first three Fridays of the month unless mentioned differently on our schedule. We do not allowing ordering customs two weeks in a row (Unless you have a cart pass), if you order week one you will be eligible to order again week three. Everyone is eligible again week one! To place an order, you leave a comment with your Paypal Email and the # of bows up to 4 on the ORDER HERE Posted exactly at 9pm EST. We strongly suggest having your Paypal & Number of bows copied and ready to paste, being on the page a few minutes before hand, and refreshing until the clock strikes 9PM. Commenting is quickly turned off and the first 150 bows are “taken.” Your comment will be liked by an admin (Usually Ashley) if you have made the cut off. A few moments after counts are finished (Sometimes this can take till after the RTS @ 9:15pm EST) the commenting is turned back on and ordering can begin. If there is something incorrectly listed on your invoice please contact us through pming the Business Page prior to paying. After being invoice you have 24 hours to pay or the invoice will be cancelled. If an issue arises please reach out to us through pming the Business Page. The Monday after customs TAT (Turn Around Time) Starts! TAT is 7-10 business days for everything except bows with clay centers. Bows with clay center have a TAT of 15-20 business days. When your bows ship you will get a tracking number through paypal!

      How Does New Member Thread Work?

      You make a comment on the Thread & save your place in line by leaving your Paypal Email Address and the number of bows you would like to order up to 2 bows (A set counts as one bow). This thread has no specific time on when you will be invoiced. We work on this thread as much as possible as often as possible when workload allows.
      When is it your turn to order you will be tagged, and you can order any two bows you would like! After being tagged you have 48 hours to respond & order before you are “skipped.” After ordering you will be invoiced through paypal and you will have 24 hours to pay! After payment the following business day starts your TAT (7-10 Business Days). Tracking will be available through paypal as soon as your bow ships.

      How Does the RTS Work?

      Fridays At exactly at 9:15pm EST on our website there will be various bows available to purchase that are ready to ship these have a TAT 3-5 business days starting the following Monday. We highly recommend checking out one bow at a time because carts do not hold bows. If you wait & check out with multiple bows you are in danger of losing them all. We offer to combine shipping because of this policy! Following every RTS at 9:15pm EST in the facebook group there will a post created asking for your order numbers to be commented to combine shipping!

      What’s a Cart Pass & How Do I Win One?

      A Cart Pass is a One-time use guarantee to order. You post your cart pass graphic on the ORDER HERE customs thread and place your order like normal! We give out Cart Passes in several different situations anything from participating in a game in the Facebook Group to being spotted in real life in LRB, there are so many opportunities to win/receive one keep your eyes peeled and notifications on!

      What is a RTS Fast Pass & How Do I Win One?

      An RTS Fast Pass is getting to choose (a predetermined number of bows depending on your pass) from the RTS before release time. If you’d like to claim your RTS Fast Pass please PM the Business Page Friday Morning. SOME fast passes have date restrictions on them and cannot be claimed at a later date. For these passes Admins will make a group message and invite you to it to pick out your bows. Once your bows have been chosen you will have a special listing created just for you on the website and you have until 8:45pm EST to check out or you forfeit your bows. in several different situations anything from participating in a game in the Facebook Group to being spotted in real life in LRB, there are so many opportunities to win/receive one keep your eyes peeled and notifications on!

      What Are The Styles & Sizes Available?

      The styles and sizes available are listed in our Facebook Group in the album called Styles and Sizes

      What Are The Colors of Ribbons Available?

      We have quite a few choices of solid colors of ribbons available. Most are listed here. If you don’t see what you are looking for feel free to reach out to us via pm on our Facebook business page or browse on etsy! Full size ribbon is 1.5” and overlays are 7/8”.

      What Are The Prices?
      The prices of all of the bows are listed in the Styles & Sizes album in the Facebook Group.

      What Are the LRB Originals?
      All of the LRB Originals are listed in the album named LRB Originals.
      What Does Solid, Basic, OTT,
      and Extra Af M2M/Surpise mean?

      Album with examples

               M2M and surprise bows can be ordered according to how elaborate you would like them to be. We will use add-ons based on the level you choose and what we are matching. You can also order a surprise or themed bow this way. Depending on how “extra” you want it to be.

      Solid M2M/surprise - a m2m bow with solid colors only. No add-ons.

      Basic M2M/surprise- this will have upgrades. Probably 2/3 add-ons of one or more of the following lace, printed ribbon or overlay, dazzle, chunky glitter.

      OTT (Over the Top) M2M/surprise - this will have 4/5 upgrades and/or will use more expensive overlays. Add-ons May include: lace, velvet ribbon or overlay, small sequin ol, poms, printed ribbon, ect.

      Extra AF M2M/surprise - this will have all of the things! Add-ons May include: sequins, tulle, embellishments, lace, velvet, dazzle, chunky glitter, and specialty trims.



      Have more Questions that are not answered here?

      Feel free to Pm our Business Page, Email us at, or check out the Faq/Question and Answer Album